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I love boron, because I believe it is largely responsible for curing my candida.

I take boron as borax (borax is 11% boron). I fill a size 3 capsule with it. It holds 240 mg borax powder, which contains about 26 mg boron. Until my candida cleared I used one of those capsules every day. I now use one twice a week. Whenever my allergies start to play up again, I take a little more. I upped it again to one capsule daily (may 2014).

If you take too much borax, you get dry mucous membranes.

Make sure the borax you use is pure, without any additives!

Boron is alkaline, so take with an acid. This could be vitamin C or ACV for instance.

Fungi hate boron, so use it to keep fungus away in the bathroom: clean with a solution with boron in it, mix borax through the paint you use in your bathroom. Didn’t do this yet, but I am definitely going to try this out!


Haar uitval na het innemen van borax
“A report by Pinto et al showed
that boric acid ingestion can induce
urinary losses of vitamin B2
(riboflavin).” Patients taking boron
supplements may wish to also consider
B vitamin supplementation.
Gordon et al reported a case of two
infants using pacifiers dipped in a
honey-borax solution over a period
of several weeks in 1973. These
infants had findings of hair loss,
anemia, and seizures. All signs and
symptoms disappeared after discontinuation
of the borax and
honey preparation.”‘

Miscellaneous info on boron


The short and sweet, from the links above:

  • You can also use it as a fluoride detox
  •  In the beginning I (Ginagirl) thought it was the fungus killing quality that made borax work; but lately I have changed view on the matter; I simply think it is needed in greater amounts now because
    • A high aluminum intake these days (ALU inhibits boron)
    • Olree,”Boron is easily displaced by aluminum, losing three boron molecules for every aluminum molecule”
    • Candida / fungus is a widespread problem.
    • Most of us have a way to high fluoride intake
    • Boron is highly needed by two important strains of gut bacterias according to Olree. Without these strains your digestion wont work properly.
    • It works very well together with iodine; I have not figured out why, yet; maybe because it inhibits fluoride.
  • Toxicitity levels of Borax is about the same as table salt ; LD 50 is approx 3000 mg pr kilo body  weight. (LD = leathal dose)
  • Borax is an Insecticide
  • For frequent urination on children
  • It balances the hormones (boron is essential for the manufacture of several hormones)
  • It prevents excretion of magnesium
  • After swimming in chloridated water: a mix of borax and water takes away the pain right away (one or two drops in the eye)
  • For arthritis
  • For candida
  • For athletes foot
  • For healthy bones
  • Borax is used as a homeopatic remedy for hemorrhoids
  • In larger amounts it is poisonous to plants, and the range can be small.
  •  …



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