By 2011 my health had been deteriorating slowly over a long period of time. I was getting too weak to do anything. Any exertion made me ill. I was in pain all the time, I was depressed, I gained weight by eating water.

Suddenly I was done with it all. Whatever my doctor was prescribing me, it wasn’t working. Something needed to change.

I had already been searching for years on the internet for things that could help me, but my understanding of health was too fragmented and poor to take any action. In 2011 I started my search in earnest.

I stumbled on iodine and the link to hypothyroidism. But (a lot of) other sites warned against iodine. As always I was left totally confused. I got over the iodine hurdle eventually, but then stumbled upon a lot of others.

The reasons why I started this site are two fold. First of all I want to collect and organize every golden nugget of information I have ever gathered. Secondly, I would like to prevent any person from being so utterly confused as I was and getting to health quicker than I did.

So, take advantage of my journey back to health. Please! 🙂