Vitamin D

My Experience

August 2014. I’ve been taking 10.000 IU of vitamin D daily for about two and a half years now. I was afraid I was taking too much of it, because doctors really scare you about D3. So I tried to lower it a few months ago, but got ill immediately, so I increased back to 10.000 IU.

Yesterday I read the book by Jeff T Bowles (see below). I’m starting to think I didn’t take too much, but I was taking too little. So I increased to 50.000 IU and an hour later UP went my energy! That night I slept deeply and short. Today my mind is clear and I feel happier than I’ve done in months. In fact I’ve been quite seriously depressed lately, despite taking zinc (which did help!) and B6 as p5p.
I’ll have to wait and see if this effect is permanent or temporary.

A few days later: I’ve been taking 50.000 IU vit D with 500 mcg K2 MK7 for a few days now and I’m hyper and having heart palpitations. Jeff Bowles warns about the heart palpitations: it is probably calcium deficiency. And indeed, when I take 1000 mg of calcium with some ACV (for absorption), the palpitations stop for a while. I’m getting hyper (I’m struggling with hypothyroidism), which might also explain the heart palpitations. I feel extremely alert and awake.

About a week later: The hyper has gone away, as have the heart palpitations. I’m still on 50.000 IU vit D and 500 – 1000 mcg K2 MK7 daily. The vitamin D removes a lot of inflammation for me. Sleep is good. Jeff Bowles warns that high levels of D3 lower melatonin, so I’m going to try adding that in.

So far the high vitamin D is giving me heaps of energy.

Before I started these high levels of vitamin D, I was taking 10.000 IU D3 with both 15 mg K2 MK4 and 100 mcg K2 MK7 twice daily.

Jeff T Bowles on vitamin D

Book: “The Miraculous Results Of Extremely High Doses Of The Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3 My Experiment With Huge Doses Of D3 From 25,000 To 50,000 To 100,000 Iu A Day Over A 1 Year Period”
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He has a very interesting theory about what effects a lower vitamin D level has on the body. He says having low levels of D3 can make a body think there is a time of famine and drought coming. This is because low vitamin D3 is brought on by little sunlight, meaning it’s autumn or winter. The body will prepare for this by making you gain weight (cravings for fat with carbs) to store energy as fat, slow down to save your energy, slowing down bodily repairs (because there is a shortage in nutrients eminent), making you want to curl up and sleep (hibernation), ….

The slowing down of bodily repairs because of the low levels of D3 leads to all kinds of aches and pains and chronic diseases he reasons. Taking D3 and thus increasing your D3 levels increases the tempo of repairs. Also, repairs are of higher quality, because the body uses more nutrients now that it doesn’t expect a shortage.

Chapter 9 at page 45 gives a long list of vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms/risks.

Some points made in this book are:

  • High vit D lowers K2 levels
  • For every 10.000IU vit D,  take 200 mcg of K2 MK7 and 1000 mcg K2 MK4.
  • High levels of K2 MK7 deplete blood calcium levels. “High” is in the 10.000 mcg range. This can give you heart fibrillation or arrhythmia or fast beating. Take less K2 MK7 or take calcium. K2 MK4 is supposed to not have this effect. He also says that a combo of MK4 and MK7 is less likely to give these heart problems.
  • High vit D3 lowers magnesium (because it increases the need for magnesium)
  • Fat cells store D3 and prevent it from circulating. So obese people need more D3
  • High vit D promotes deep sleep with vivid dreams
  • High vit D3 = low melatonin and low vit D3 (hibernation) = high melatonin
  • He recommends DHEA
  • K2 prevents vit D3 toxicity
  • Vit A raises vit D3 toxicity level by lowering the need for vit K2, so less K2 lasts longer.
  • Diabetes raises blood sugar which is an advantage in extreme low temperatures (winter),  to protect against frostbite
  • Whole body sunbath of 30 min gives you 10.000 – 20.000 IU vit D3
  • He uses 120 mg melatonin at night. He says for women 75 mg may be good.

Free pdf book that Jeff Bowles references in his book:

Experiences from other people

The case against vitamin D supplementation

I don’t understand this yet, I have some research to do. For now, I’m feeling really good on high vitamin D3, so I’m simply ignoring this until I have time to really get into this theory.
First thoughts on this: some people claim vitamin D3 is an immuno-suppressant. From what I’m reading that seems to be true: vitamin D3 calms an overactive immune system (think autoimmune disorders for instance). The question is, does it also suppress your immunity against bacteria, viruses, bad cells and the like. My experience so far is that it does not do that: my immunity against diseases is better since I started high levels of vitamin D. 

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