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  • lots of zinc lowers sodium, which leads to tiredness
  • Lots of vitamin C can induce menstruation
  • D3 might cause anxiety if you are deficient magnesium. “This also includes feelings of hyperactivity, mania, jitteriness and insomnia as well as anxiety.”

Racing thoughts
CAUSE: copper toxicity (which raises sodium levels).
This depletes zinc and magnesium.  Copper antagonists include: zinc, manganese, vitamin C, B-6, B-3, B-5 (pantothenic acid) and A.
SOLUTION: take zinc, magnesium, p5p, niacinamide, B5, C and A

Severe dark depression
CAUSE 1: nickel toxicity
This depletes zinc. Both nickel toxicity and zinc deficiency cause depression.
SOLUTION: take zinc
CAUSE 2: Vitamin D3 deficiency

CAUSE: estrogen dominance, copper toxicity or pyroluria
SOLUTION:  take zinc and p5p and liver detox
CAUSE 2: Vitamin D3 deficiency

Menstruation: pain,  fatigue, foggy brain

See PMS: zinc and p5p
  • For high estrogen: more progesterone cream
  • For more energy: 7-keto
  • For relaxation and calmer mind and detox: magnesium
  • Liver detox
  • Maybe lower amount of Lugols and SSKI to lower detox?  This might make the lousy feeling better
CAUSE 2: Vitamin D3 deficiency

Heart palpitations

CAUSE: electrolyte imbalance,  low potassium,  low magnesium
CAUSE 2: calcium deficiency from high K2

Tired and bad feeling in tummy



Support adrenals: vit C and vit B5.
Vitamin D3.


Could either be calcium deficiency or too much p5p

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