My experience

I suffered from candida for years. It sat in my colon, in my uturus, vagina, mouth, sinusses, etc. At some point it was so bad that my mucous membranes down under were covered in white down.

What worked for me was this protocol:

  • Took iodine + companions
  • Fixed my nutritional deficiencies. In my case these where the fat soluble vitamins and some others like magnesium, B6 as p5p, molybdenum. But when I started on the fat solubles, everything started to go uphill.
  • Boron, quite a lot of it.

2014-04-30 Even though at this point (2014-04-30) I’m still not really healthy compared to say my father (yes, really, he is in his 70-ties and cycles faster and farther than I), my candida is a problem of the past.

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