My experience

Iodine prevents sunburn. When I hadn’t been on iodine for very long, I put it on my skin before I went into the sun. Now, I only use it afterwards. Here are the recipes.

The Aloe Vera gel with KI is nice because it’s fat free. The Aloe Vera soothes the skin. It is sucked up by the skin really fast. You can put your clothes on over it right after you put it on. A little warning: the iodide in the KI can oxidize, meaning it turns into I2, which is actually really good for your skin. Unfortunately, I2 looks brown (like rust), so if you’re fair skinned, it will show. It washes off easily though. If you’re still left with a little undesirable brownish spot: use a little vitamin C powder on it, this will turn the I2 back to I– which is invisible. Also, I rinces off more easily than I2.

Wombats high iodine cream with added Lugols is fattier, and more nourishing. You can put quite a lot of Lugols into the cream and it will still not damage your skin.

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