You can use DMSO to carry smallish molecules trough the skin. It works really well for B12, not so much for magnesium. But this property also makes it potentially dangerous, see below.


DMSO dissolves everything! For instance: when you put DMSO on your arms and then lean your arms on a table, the DMSO will dissolve the paint of that table. You will then absorb this paint through your skin, because the DMSO will carry it through your skin. Not healthy at all!

It can also dissolve colour or detergent from cloths!

So, however healthy and useful DMSO is, you need to use your brain when using it:

  • Make sure the skin you’re going to apply it to is clean (no soap residue, no detergent residue from cloth, no make up, no cream, etc. Just clean skin)
  • Apply the DMSO on the top part of your arm. This lowers the risk of you leaning your arms on a table and dissolving the paint.
  • After ten minutes or so, rince your arms under clean flowing water to remove any remaining DMSO. Do this quickly, because otherwise you risks flushing out what you just painstakingly put in. Fortunately DMSO dissolves really well and fast in water.
  • Only now put clothes on that part of the skin.

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