There’s a lot of good information on the web, as well as in books, that is publicly available, yet hard to find. The problem of the lay person that is trying to find information to improve his or her health, is where to find good information. I’m striving to collect all good sources of information here.

Absorption chart:


When you take nutrients in supplement form, you need more of them than when you take them as part of a whole food. Example: The amount of B1 in a typical multi vitamin is about 50 mg. The amount of B1 in a daily dosage of Bluebonnet brewer’s yeast is bout 900 mcg = 0,1 mg. This is a big difference! But the B1 in brewer’s yeast is absorbed much better because the whole food supplies all the cofactors needed for optimal absorption.

Deficiency symptoms (lists)

Suggestion on what to take  (hbn)

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