ACV = apple cider vinegar

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ACV has lots of malic acid in it.

I love ACV because it helps my digestion. And I also take it because of its malic acid content.

D.C. Jarvis

If you want to know why ACV does so much good for the body, read “Arthritis and Folk Medicine” from D.C. Jarvis (see books).

He explains that taking ACV makes the blood that little bit acidic so calcium can dissolve better. That way, it doesn’t get stuck in your veins, arteries, in your soft tissues and tendons. Your body stays supple and your heart stays healthy.

Because the calcium now stays in solution (= your blood and plasma) easily, it can actually reach the places where it’s needed.

He illustrates this with an example about milk fever, an affliction of calcium deficiency in a cow that has just had a calf. The calcium deficiency can be so bad that the cow can not get up anymore and dies. The usual treatment was (en is!) an injection/IV with calcium gluconate into the blood stream. This usually fixes the problem fast or it is too late and the cow dies anyway.

Dr. Jarvis asks himself why the cow gets calcium deficient in the first place. It’s not as if calcium is lacking from her diet. He starts to add ACV to the fodder of a pregnant cow that has had milk fever at every birth until then. This time around though, she doesn’t have any trouble giving birth. Also, the birth is much faster. And afterwards, she has no problems either. The milk fever never shows.

He also does tests on bacterial growth in the milk. ACV lowers the bacterial content of the milk every time.

A bull calf that was dehorned (a normal practice then and now) that was fed ACV from birth, had solid in stead of hollow horns.

He also noticed that meat from cows that had been fed ACV was much more tender. Even the heart of an old cow was perfectly edible because of the ACV she got during a few days before she was butchered.

The ACV had been a folk remedy there for two centuries.

He then started to give ACV to his patients. Human patients, because he was a GP. Patients started to report benefits similar to those of the cows: less cavities, better heart function, suppler muscles, less arthritis, ….

His recommendation is to take a glass with 2 teaspoons of ACV and 2 teaspoons of raw honey and then add tapid water. Sip this during meals.

Also, for insomnia, take this as often as needed until sleep sets in. Honey is a sedative.

The sugar in honey is directly available to the body, because it is predigested (think about that). I usually don’t tolerate sugar very well, including honey. But as long as I take only 1 teaspoon a day in ACV and water, it doesn’t bother me, but does make me feel super relaxed.

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