Fibroids, Cysts

My experience

I have fibrocystic breasts, I can feel them, so this I know for sure. Also, a natural practitioner found that I have cysts on my ovaries as well.

Iodine makes my fibroids and cysts dissolve. When I first started to take iodine, the fibroids in my breasts would swell, just like the weird spots on my skin would do. Then, after weeks, the swelling would go away and the fibrocystic tissue would be soft.

I’m still detoxing my breasts. I’m not sure how my ovaries are doing though. I’m hoping they’re following suit. My breasts used to be complete rocks three years ago, now the rock hard fibrocystic tissue is golf ball sized in both breasts (may 2014). I have breast size 75I (dutch size), the largest brah is still too small for me.

Surrounding the fibrocystic tissue is tissue that is still too fibrous to be called normal, but it isn’t rock hard anymore.

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