2014-04-17 White poo: progesterone and magnesium

Felt really, really bad yesterday. Have been having floating white poop for about a week now. So it was getting scary. Yesterday my whole left side hurt like &*!%#*. Been taking magnesium all day, with some P5P (=B6). But still that pain. At night in bed I suddenly thought: this is happening during my menstruation again, so: progesterone? Went down stairs, got the book from dr. John R. Lee (What your doctor may not tell you about menopause page 348) and low and behold: low progesterone makes the bile duct seize up! Went to get progesterone cream (20 mg per pump), used about 6 pumps on thighs (normally at night I do one pump), back and arms. Only low fat areas. Pain slowly got less. I could hear/feel my gallbladder emptying itself into my colon several times. It’s the sound/feel of a raspberry being blown. I felt it in the left side of my abdomen.

This morning a slight headache remains. Left side is still slightly painful. Taken 5 pumps progesterone in stead of my normal one pump.

Biliary duct 

This duct that runs from the gallbladder ends in the colon . The duct is shared by the pancreas.


Bile plays two roles in the body:
  1. To digest fats 
  2. To remove toxins from the liver

It is the sphincter that decides how much to release by relaxing or contracting.

Blockage of the bile duct

When the bile duct is blocked, bile can not leave the gallbladder. This means you cannot digest fats. This results is white floating poop. The darker your poop, the more bile was used to digest that particular meal. Another thing that happens when the bile duct is obstructed is that the bile that is produced by the liver can now go nowhere. It builds up in the duct and is pushed back into the liver but also into the pancreas, because they share the duct. In the pancreas this leads to pancreatitis. In the liver this leads to damage to the liver. 

For me, however strange this may sound, I get gallbladder problems after eating a sugar or carbohydrate laden meal. This might be because sugar depletes magnesium. Low magnesium makes the sphincter spasm. 

Reasons for blockage of the bile duct

The bile duct can be blocked by gallstones. See for remedies. ACV with apple juice is a favourite there. What helps soften the gallstones is malic acid. A liver and gallbladder flush should then be able to flush them out. Here is a personal account.

Another reason for the duct to block is cramping of the bile duct. That is what happens to me, because of the mercury which blocks magnesium. Magnesium deficiency as well as progesterone deficiency both cramp the sphincter. Obviously progesterone is not for everyone, you should only take it if you’re deficient. But magnesium is harmless unless you have a kidney problem. What helps me is: magnesium, progesterone, malic acid, Tsetsi’s liver flush, Now Foods Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator.

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